The Mummy’s Curse

April 13, 2007

I think it says a lot about our country when one of its greatest writers dies… and everyone keeps talking about how Don Imus called a bunch of black chicks “nappy headed hoes.”  We lost an artist… a visionary… we lost a man who inspired free-thought and wonderment in thousands and thousands of people.  Is this being discussed?  Is CNN playing a little documentary about his life?  Are people flooding out to buy his books?  Nope.  No, Della Reese is sitting at Larry King’s desk, and they’re all agreeing that Don Imus is the Reichchancellor of Hate’s Army.

Of my friend, I can say only this… so it goes.

Of Don Imus, I have only a quick thing to say… this is a farce.  Yes, he said offensive things.  Did he deserve to be punished… sure.  Those girls are cool chicks and they’re ballin up their thang… and good for them.  But the rhetoric in the past few days has become so fevered, that we’ve really got to take a step back and remember something.  It’s not really that big a deal.  Some old mummy said something disrespectful about black girls.  Who does this really hurt?  I mean really.  Sure it hurt their feelings… and sure it was wrong to say… but I’ve been listening to words like “scandalous” and “despicable…” “Disgusting” and “Nightmare.”  “Heinous” “Evil” “Wrong” and “Injurious” which was my absolute favorite.
Has the black leadership in this country become so myopic that they must obsess over such tiny slights as this?  Right now… the Sudanese are killing eachother with knives.  Africans are dying of an AIDS epidemic… civil wars are leading to bayonetted babies, and mothers clubbed to death with riflestocks… and our country does nothing.  We could.  We could do it in a heartbeat… but we dont… because Africa has no oil and it’s filled with black people.  So who fucking cares?

THAT is a nightmare.  THAT is injustice… and evil and heinous and wrong… THAT is something to march about.

I really wish people had a fucking clue.  Y’all need to pick your battles.  You’re attacking the symptom… not the illness… and I’d love to say that this was the first time…

But we all know that that’s not true.

Put down your torches… pick up your Vonnegut.

“A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.”

– Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

“Being alive is a crock of shit.”

– Kilgore Trout


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