Natural Selection

May 16, 2007

It’s rare that I post about what makes me happy.  This is due to two things:

A. I’m a miserable loaf.
B. The world is fucked five ways from Sunday.

But sometimes… sometimes I manage to find a sparkley amid the mountains of shit that litter life on this planet.  Sometimes the good guys win.

Jerry Falwell died today.  Jerry Falwell – the right-wing, fundamentalist, Christian nutcase who spat venom at every single thing I believe in was found face down on the floor of his office today.  His heart gave out.

Personally, I was surprised to hear that he had one.

To commemorate his passing, Matthew and I went to gay quizzo tonight… where we placed second in the "Best Team Name" competition, which won us a nifty porno DVD.  I named our team "Jerry Falwell Was the Actual Cause of 9/11."  The marys thought it was swell.  When the corkscrew readhead read our team name out, every single gay dude in the bar jeered and meowed with such righteous glee… I’m glad I was able to do that for them.  I’m glad I got to do that for me.

Despite all of my vitriol and my amorality… I love it when love beats out hate… when good comes out over bad.  Hate is as natural and innate to me as breathing… but I still believe that I’m fundamentally a good person.  I’m an idealist… which is what makes it so likely that I’ll one day become a madman.

People like Falwell… and Robertson… people like Fred Phelps and George W. Bush… Rick Santorum, Adolph Hitler, Louis Farrakhan, Spike Lee… people who see life as a distillation of Morals or Color… they make it hard for me to breathe.  They make it hard for me to go on about my life like I’m supposed to.  Because I’m the kindof person who wants to see good prevail… the kindof person who can’t let shit slide… no matter how small.

Jerry Falwell died today.


I’m only sad that I wasn’t there to fuck him up his corpsy ass right in front of his family.


One Response to “Natural Selection”

  1. dora Says:

    after his funeral we should exhume his body and have sex with it.

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