Preparations and a Word About Tony

June 11, 2007

I’ve spent the last few hours traipsing about town, buying things for my upcoming trip to LA. 

For those of you who don’t know, I’ll be leaving on Wednesday for my 10-day jaunt to the festering sore that is Los Angeles for an MFA symposium.  I’ll be spending every day at Antioch University, wishing I was somewhere were the skies were gray, and the women wore sweaters. 

I’ve decided that I’m going to keep a blog of my experiences… so I’ll try to post every day and relate the madness to you.  Those of you who know me of course are aware that I’ll probably not do this at all… but I mean to.  And meaning to is almost like doing it.  Yeah.

Anyway… so that’s that.  I’m getting my shit together, and leaving for a city built on cocaine and fake tits.  I’ll be honest… I’m not really very excited. 

Before I go… I wanted to just throw out a little blast at those who have been attacking the Sopranos finale.  Now… believe me… it doesn’t come as a surprise to me to hear that you people don’t appreciate how this show ended.  I’ve been listening to you mutants kvetch and whine about the last two seasons… and I’ll be honest, I haven’t been surprised at all.  Why?  Because the last two seasons were some of the most compelling episodes of television ever made.  They were complex and calculated… and not just filled with violence, tits and racism. 

It’s a shame that I have to educate you to this… but here’s why the show ended the way it did – ready?  Because nothing matters.  Because the entire show has been an experiment in fatalism from the first fucking episode.  Nothing matters… it’s all a big nothing.  "In the end, you die in your own arms." 

We don’t get endings in life… not the perfect ones that everyone seems to be looking for.  "In the end… you probably don’t even hear it."  That’s how it goes… blink… done.  No grand gestures or soliloquies… it just ends, as though it had never been.  Because that’s what we are friends… in the end we’re just a gravestone too weathered to read. 

Personally… I thought the ending was both hilarious and brilliant.

How unfortunate for you, that you cant understand why.

Yes… I am arrogant.  Yes… I am being rude.

And yes… you didn’t get it because you’re stupid.



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