The Deep Breath

July 9, 2007

Things seem to be going my way a lot these days… so of course I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I’ve got an interview at Rowan University tomorrow – to teach.  I’ll be a University professor if I get that job.  Now… I know what you’re saying… "But Andrew… it’s Rowan… so it’s only kiiindof a University."  Which, if I were in a snobbish mood (which I’m admittedly in quite often, since I’m such a miserable, judgmental cunt all the time) I’d probably agree with you.  But apparently Rowan has grown by leaps and bounds into its Univeritorial moniker (I just made that word up)… so I’m allowed to be excited.

I’ll be teaching Comp, of course.  So that’ll blow.  But I’ll be doing it at the University level.  Hellooooo swelling resume.

I’m apartment hunting – Erin found a really really nice looking place in Collingswood (eeeee! Collingswood… I’ll the the only straight guy for miles!) that I’m going to go see tomorrow.

I got a new cell phone which I absolutely love.

I’m in a top-rated MFA program, where people constantly tell me that I’m talented.

I have fucking awesome hair.

And I’m losing weight… shedding that horrible little pudge shield I had been growing over the past year.

This is when I find out that I’ve got some horrible, poisonous, spike-tumor growing inside my brain or something.  It wont kill me… it’ll just make me lose the use of every jointed appendage. 


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