September 5, 2007

So Matthew and I, two of the world’s biggest lame white guys, are going to the Of Montreal show in Philly in October. 

I’ve already begun designing my getup. 

I haven’t asked my girlfriend… and yes, I said girlfriend… keep this in mind… I haven’t asked her if she’ll do this yet… but I’m sure she’ll oblige.  I’m going to buy a face-painting kit, and I’m gonna have her paint my face to look like a tiger.  I’m probably going to try and have her braid ribbons into my hair too, and put it up on top of my head in a giant ponytail.

Outfit:  No ideas yet.  I cant squeeze my ass into those leather pants anymore – they weren’t mine… they came to me through a random trade.  All of my clothes are unassuming, boring monotone stuff.  Maybe the purple, China Wok shirt I stole from Erin… the one with "Seahorse" written across the back. 

Essentially… I’m going for the gayest thing short of a stuffed butt.

I see hip kids in the city all the time.  I was never a hip kid… and I’d like the opportunity to try this one time.

I wont lie… I’m totally into makeup.  I think we all know that…

Erin told me a month or so ago that I’m pretty fabulous.  I think this is true.  I’m obviously a straight guy… I want to sleep with every girl I meet… but deep down, on the inside… I’m totally fucking Glam.  I went to a Western Philosophy final covered, head-to-toe in glitter back when I was in college.  No reason… my friend Melissa had it sitting around, so I stole a few fistfulls of it and doused myself in gold sparkles.

I want to ride around on a unicorn and shoot rainbows out of my eyes.

This means one of two things… either A. I’m a transvestite… or B. I’m Japanese.

I think I might be both.

Not really big on women’s clothes… though I do think sarongs, or flowy skirt things are kinda cool, and I wish it was acceptable in society for me to wear them… but really, I just love makeup.  I love dressing up and getting all glorious and all.

Still… don’t get it twisted… I’ll still slip it to your sister.




2 Responses to “Rawr”

  1. Georgia Says:

    you are awesome

  2. Pete Says:

    I can’t believe you actually Lol’d at work. And trust me I don’t use Lol’ing lightly. People were looking at me…

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