“Bye lizard-scum… bye!”

December 4, 2007

I’m leaving for hell-a tomorrow morning.  Flight’s at 7.  I’ll be gone for ten days.

I realize that I haven’t been updating this blog very much lately… which is due mainly to my relapse into World of Warcraft.  Yeah, I know, I know… I’m an asshole.  But in my defense, I haven’t smoked a cigarette in like three weeks, and William Shatner was in a commercial for the game… I cracked.  What do you want from me?

So what else is there?  I’m going to LA – a trip which I promise to chronicle like I did last time.  What am I feeling right now?  Trepidation.  Not about the trip mind you… but over the churning in my gut resulting in the roast pork and long hot sandwich I had for lunch today.  That and Jeffrey.  Jeffrey is the rat that lives in my ceiling.  I can hear him scuttling around above me right now.  He must be fucking huge, it sounds like a thrashing baby up there.  I’ve never seen him… only heard him, and am convinced that he’s going to gnaw off my nose in my sleep.  I read an article online that said that rats in your ceiling can lure raccoons there.  Then I’ll have to put a dog in the ceiling to kill the raccoon, and a tiger to kill the dog… and a velociraptor to kill the tiger, and a mammoth to kill the velociraptor.

My apartment rules.

I’ll talk to everyone tomorrow… when I’m warmed by the soft fire of a glass of whiskey, and the smoldering hatred that burns whenever I’m on the west coast.  Until then,

Peace bitches.


One Response to ““Bye lizard-scum… bye!””

  1. Meowlin Says:

    >World of Warcraft. … William Shatner was in a commercial for the game.<
    Saw that. (In the immortal last words of James T. Kirk, "It was… fun. Oh my…") So was Mr. T.
    – M. \"/

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