Lest Ye Be Judged

December 6, 2007

Our "democracy" took another boot to the face today.  Mitt Romey, the handsome, Mormon alien running for the Republican nomination actually had to make a speech today, wherein he allayed any fears anyone might have regarding his religion.

Lets get right down to this:  The only reason Mitt Romney had to make this ridiculous speech in the first place was because of Evangelical Christians.  Everyone else in this country is kindof uncomfortable with Mormonism… seeing as how it’s completely insane… but they stop short of letting THAT be the reason that they wont vote for him.  I wont be voting for Mitt Romney (if he should happen to get the nod) is because I disagree with his conservative philosophies, and am pretty much tired of the Republican Party altogether.  I most likely wont be voting Democrat either… as I hate the Democratic Party only a little bit less than the Republicans… and will not support Hillary Clinton, no matter what.  I might vote for Obama… would definitely vote for Edwards.  Otherwise… I’m writing in William Shatner.  Yes, I know he’s Canadian.  Don’t care… Shatner/Nimoy ’08.

The requirement for Romney’s speech today is exactly why I absolutely hate Evangelical Christianity.  It’s just so arrogant… to think of yourself as so correct, so moral and true that another person must justify their capability as President… as civic position… on the basis of their own personal faith.  It’s astonishing… I’m an atheist, and I’m defending Romney’s right to run, and these "forgiving" and "loving" Christians are grilling him.

Evangelical Christianity is a cancer.  It is a blight on the mind.  It’s a warped theology which actually leads people to believe that this, as they so frequently put it, is, "a Christian country…"

Guess what?

It isn’t.  This has never been a Christian country.  It never will be a Christian country.  The very notion of a state religion is in direct opposition to the most foundational concept upon which this country was founded – individual expression and freedom.  Jesus fucking Christ, they wrote it into the fucking Bill of Rights that there should always be a clear and distinct separation between Church and State.  You cant get any clearer than that! 

When are we going to stop pretending that these people aren’t crazy?  It’s absurd to think that a group of pockmarked, ignorant Americans who eat the skin and drink the blood of a reincarnated, zombie savior… and base their lives around the literal interpretation of metaphorical stories of a 2000 year old book are attacking another person’s belief structure as ludicrous. 

Why am I twice the Christian these people are?

I was going through some old papers a few weeks back… as I was moving stuff into my new apartment.  I came across a little millennium journal that a friend gave me once… and in it was a Goals section.  "What is your main goal in life?" it asked.

"I want to kill God," it said.

That was eight years ago.

It’s still true today.


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