Fuck the Wright Wing

April 28, 2008

My opinions on this are simple – Jeremiah Wright has every right to say whatever he wants.  I’ve heard the whole sermon.  I agree with him to an extent… disagree with a bit of it.  I watched it, and moved the fuck on… because it’s not important.

What is important that the media and Right Wing assholes like Rush Limbaugh wont let it go… they’ve turned this into something that it’s not.  And it’s working, because Americans are stupid, so they’ll pretty much believe whatever their television tells them to.

So good.  Let Obama lose.  Let McCain become president and curb stop our country even deeper into the doldrums… and then maybe, if we’re lucky, China will take us over and kill every last fucking one of us… and the world will be just that less stupid.

Here’s me breaking it down – if you consider the Jeremiah Wright newsbites to be a scandal – you’re an idiot.

If you let this nonsense influence your vote – you’re an idiot.

You shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  You shouldn’t be allowed to procreate… fuck it, I’m going all in… you shouldn’t be allowed to live.

I’m so fucking disgusted and ashamed of my country.

God Damn America.

There… I said it.  Put me on the news too.


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