Worst Person in the World

September 9, 2008

A special congrats to Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews – the resident, blue-tinted O'Reilly/Hannity dunderheads at MSNBC – for getting their stupid asses booted from their anchor spots.

Look – I've seen Keith Olbermann's show before, and sure I've chuckled a few times, because he's a jester telling the kindof jokes I like.  But when you get down to it, I think he and Matthews (just like O'Reilly and Hannity, and the lesser members of their brood like Scarborough, etc.) are egomaniacal schmucks, drunk as skunks on the power of 24 hour political chatter.  They're the Howard Sterns of politics.

I will say that O'Reilly and Hannity have said far more incendiary and downright goofy bullshit in the past – but I've never seen them do it during campaign coverage.  They're given their own show – an hour-long block to fill with whatever bilious nonsense they and their viewership desire.  Now, I don't doubt that if someone was dumb enough to put one of those two douchebags behind an anchor's desk, they'd end up saying something equally absurd (though, I actually shared Olbermann's opinion that the 9/11 video was gratuitous and unnecessary), but still… the point remains that the MSNBC guys really acted like complete morons.  They got what they deserved.

It's just a tragedy what cable news has become.  It's not like it ever really was much to begin with… but with Fox News, and its cloying nemesis MSNBC stinking up the airwaves, I'm clinging tighter and tighter to my radio.

At least when someone on NPR makes fun of another person, it's done with some serious wit.

Man I'd love to see a serious cable news show. One that actually teaches me something, rather than reporting on missing white girls, terrorist fist-jabs and the worst person in the world.



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