September 22, 2008

Going back over my last post, I realized that I paused at the WORST possible place imaginable:

"I made my earlier suggestion to African-Americans that, if they're not
going to get behind (pardon the pun) gay rights, then they have to
become second-class citizens again…"


I'll go over that again.  In my opinion, if black people – the one segment of American culture that is most connected to the notion of bigotry, intolerance and institutionalized hate – aren't going to get behind (there's that delicious pun again) the gay rights movement, they have to become second-class citizens again.  I am baffled by the rather strong anti-gay sentiment that exists in the black community.  Real freedom (which, admitteldy, continues to elude their community as a whole… but that's everyone when you get right down to it) is still warm for the black community.  The civil rights movement hit its stride forty years ago – that's nothing.  We're just now at the point where the perfectly-designed black guy might, MIGHT be President of the United States.  How could this group of people, still so addled by the poison that is bigotry, both personal and institutional, feel anything but solidarity for the gay community.

The answer is, of course, religion.  I'm not going to totally hate on religion right now – I do that enough in other blogs… but the strongest voice, in every racial and cultural group, against equal rights for homosexual-Americans always seems to come from the pulpit.  It's disgusting.

So that was that part… just my little, "woah, better check myself before I wreck myself" (man that was really white of me) before I move on.

I just got out of class.  They were, by and large, totally down with gay rights.  I'm oddly disappointed… I had set up the prior blog to prepare myself for their bigotry… and they were okay.  Hooray for learning lessons!

It's only fitting that they displayed exactly what Sullivan was talking about – a softening public perception of the gay community.  He later goes on to suggest that it is that very event that will eventually kill gay culture as we know it… and that such a reaction occurs for every group – racial, sexual, cultural – as our society progresses towards an ultimate sameness.  So hooray all around.

This leads me to wonder – since I'm still a miserable old cooter who refuses to see the sunny side of anything – what our culture's next great divide will be.  I'm not going to pretend that Barack Obama's candidacy and 21 students are going to change my opinions on the state of bigotry in the US.  It doesn't.  We're still totally unwilling to give homosexuals a fair shake, as a culture.  Give it another twenty years, I guess.  I'll wait.  But still, I'm not sure if the major divides of the past (racial, sexual) are what are really preventing the coalescing of a unified American culture.

I wonder what it is?

We're in the home-stretch of the Bush years now.  I'll be blogging about this a lot in the next few weeks.  It feels like an entire age is coming to an end – at least, I hope it is.  Never in my life have I seen a people so divided as I have in the last eight years.  Something about Bush's presidency – maybe it was Karl Rove's tactics, maybe Bush's rhetoric, maybe just the growing-pains of a culture… maybe, and hopefully, it's the death throws of Reagan's America – seemed to catalyze the two major sides of the American public.  The Reds and the Blues.

When did we start using those terms?  Red States/Blue States?  Have we always been this divided?  Can we continue to be, now that the cause of it is slinking from office?

I feel like the whole world as I know it is about to change… though I wonder if I'm right to think so.  I don't lend any of the credit for these feelings to either candidate – I think they're both full of shit… I think it's Bush.  We can't do this without him.  Removing him from our politics completely changes the America we've had… the America we were.  What's next?  Business as usual, harkening back to the pre-Bush days?  Is that even possible? 

Bah!  I'm a mess!  None of this is interesting!  I don't even want to write it… I'm just trapped in my office hours, and have already dealt with my students' problems.  Fuck it, I'm going home.  I'm gonna go rub the orange loaf that's certainly dozing on my couch right now.

I'll write about this again… and interestingly next time.

As for now… I dunno.

As for now, go fuck yourself.  How's that?


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