McCain/Vaginas ’08

September 25, 2008

Yeah, I said it… sorry.

No I'm not.

I know that picking on Sarah Palin is kindof old hat at this point – especially since there are bigger issues at hand… such as the complete implosion of our country's economy… but I just can't let this go.

Every time I hear this dolt open her mouth, I hear George W. Bush.

I watched a few clips of her with Katie Couric… and I just can't get it out of my head.  She wears the same expression I've grown so accustomed to after these last eight years, "Oh God… what do the words I'm saying mean?"  She had weeks to come up with a capable answer regarding the geography = foreign policy blunder from before… and when Couric lobbed her the opportunity she stared at her (borrowing from Bill) like a dog that'd just been shown a card trick.

On Israel – she tossed out an absurd statement, "we can't second-guess Israel…" without any thought at all about what it meant.  She just barfed out a talking-point… and the moment Couric countered her, (paraphrase) "So we don't have a say in our foreign policy when it comes to Israel?  We just do what they say?"  Palin goes on to contradict herself… and when faced with the contradiction?

The expressive equivalent of white noise.


She had to think!  And you could smell the gears melting in her skull.

She's not evil.  She's not a Hitler.  She's a friggin dope… chosen for her position ENTIRELY because of her gender and arch-conservative social leanings.  Now it doesn't surprise me that social conservatives are rallying behind her… I'm used to them finding gimpy figureheads to uphold their absurd philosophies (see: the last eight years). 

But women?


More and more polls have shown a shift of white women behind Sarah Palin…

Are you really that stupid?  Really?

You're going to support this woman… just because she's a woman?

You're not voting on her positions… except for those of you who are, and you people are fucking crazy so I'm counting out you… you're voting for her because her personal experience supposedly matches your own.  Chicken-fried white chick with action-mom hair and a doughy ass, with a litter of redneck kids swinging from her teats. Nice call.

White women… you're not voting for an idea.  This isn't feminism – or maybe it is… I've never pretended to understand what that social movement has become.  You're not supporting a party.  You're certainly not voting for McCain.

You're not even voting for Sarah Palin!

You're voting for Sarah Palin's vagina.

Way to go.


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