Adventures in Los Angeles 4.3 – Light and Shadow

December 13, 2008

I'm going to post a small comment here, wherein I'll continue to explore the gargantuan boner I have for Mark Doty.

I read "My Alexandria" a few years ago – and it pretty much ended my life for a week or two.  I continued to adore Doty ever since then, but I moved on from a poetry phase to a nonfiction one… so I didn't read him for a long time.

Last night I heard him read from his new book – and it killed me all over again.

Today I sat in on his lecture on Walt Whitman called Whitman: Light and Shadow.  Whitman's a poet I've never been particularly wild about.  I've sounded the occasional "barbaric yawp" here and there… but I've always found "Leaves of Grass" to be somewhat of a chore to get through.

Well I spent two hours on about ten stanzas from "Song of Myself" with Mark Doty today.

I love Walt Whitman now.

I love Mark Doty, too.  Soooo much.

That's all… I'm not going to gush anymore, I promise.

I'm going to return to revising a friend's genre submission, and then it's off to some show tonight in Palo Alto (or something like that).

Goodbye horses….


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