Adventures in Los Angeles 4.5 – I’ve made a huge mistake…

December 15, 2008

So I slept through my alarm today… and missed the opportunity to get up and submit my mentor selection form.  This means that I was assigned one randomly.  This isn't a bad thing, since I pretty much know all of the CNF mentors, and they're all very nice and good and so forth… but I don't like having choice stripped from me.  Especially when it's because I made a stupid mistake and cost myself a choice that could have affected the direction in which I will move in this last project period.

I'm working with Terry Wolverton again – she's delightful and willowy and a really great writer.  She adores me (which I still don't get…), so that's a good thing.  But this just makes me so aware of how much pressure is going to be on me this time around – I need a hundred pages, clean, good and poetic.

I've got about 40% of that.

And I have to write a bunch of book reviews.

And I have to plan a lecture for next semester.

And I have to teach Brit Lit and grade essays and be professorial.

And I'm fucking terrified.

Someone come by in the middle of the night and stick a needle into my ear.


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