Adventures in Los Angeles 5.3 – Nuclear Wessles

June 21, 2009

It's nearly three in the morning over here.  I just got home from a party hosted by the most delightful man ever – someone so charming that I wish I'd known him even better before.

I'm the doziest bear at the moment – my eyes are heavy and dry – I smoked way too many cigarettes, and I have to be at a lecture at nine tomorrow morning.

So not gonna happen… but whatever.

I gave my reading tonight – and it was fucking great.  There's something really amazing about having a room full of people laugh when you want them to laugh – and "hmm" when you want them to "hmm."

I got great praise and compliments – most of which I actually believed…

I was fussed over for a while – always my favorite thing.

But the best was seeing Terry's face after it was all over… she looked so fucking proud.  That was awesome.  She and I have had our differences about this or that – but always had a solid mentor/student partnership – one which is rapidly evolving into an actual, real-life friendship… and that's come to mean a great deal to me.  We went out to dinner the other night… and it was just wonderful.  Wonderful and delicious.  

I've had a few delicious dinners here so far – as a culinary sidebar – I had thai fried rice with Chinese broccoli tonight.  Really goddamn good… I wish I had some right now.  I'll have to settle for the muffin I stole from the hotel earlier today, I guess.

Anyway – Terry beamed at me when I was done – and some lady I didn't know paid me an awesome compliment – and Laura patted my knee and gave me an "I told you so" face – and Antonia, the achingly lovely/cool/fascinating/tattooed stripper writer lady said something positive to me when I was done… but I couldn't hear her over the blood thundering in my skull.  It's impossible for me to talk to that woman without turning into a seventh grader.  She's so damn cool and pretty.  Sigh.

So my reading was a complete success – everyone laughed when they were supposed to, and everyone rubbed my belly and told me I was good.  And I believed them… which was great.

Afterwards, Scott (my long-lost Jewish half-brother), Laura and I went out for dinner (where I had my delicious fried rice)… and then Scott and I went to a party… where I danced (for all of three seconds… but it was to The Cure… so it's understandable), drank and smoked… but spent most of my time talking to a Russian physicist about the Higgs Boson.

Today turned out to be fucking awesome.

I just wish I had a foodage to crunch on before I sleep… ho hum. 

Breakfast tomorrow, I guess.

Goodnight, Moon.



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