That’s the end of that chapter

July 24, 2009

Good news:

I'm totally out of my maudlin, loathsome whine-fest.  What a difference a few drinks can make.

So what's new?  I'm excited about writing again!  I fell into a little micro-funk after I got home… which usually happens when I've got nothing to do.  My new semester starts in a month, and I'm so excited I can barely breathe.  I got my student reviews from this last semester… and they were killer.  I'm actually liked!  I'm good at my job!  Who the hell saw that coming?

So my days are spent writing and reading and editing for The Splinter Generation.  And in a few weeks, they'll be filled with class-planning and essay grading and pleas for meteors to dash my brain to chutney.

I'm starting an interview series through The Splinter Generation – I think it's going to be pretty much the greatest thing ever.

I'm starting a whole new host of essays.

I'm sending out my work.

I'm the greatest teacher who ever lived.

I made friends with a big cool black dude named Dexter at a karaoke bar – and yes, I probably shouldn't point out that he's black because that's somehow racist or whatever… but I'm excited because out of all the different permutations of gender/race/etc. that my friends have been… straight, black dudes have been a little rare.  So I made a buddy and he rules.  Go ahead… call me a racist.

I'm going to write an essay on race.  It'll probably get me killed.  Some white dude with dreads who calls himself, "Peacetrain" will shoot me in the heart with a crossbow.  And then he'll lecture my corpse.

AAGH I've got so much energy.

I'm gonna refurbish my newly-stolen bike.

The next time I blog… it'll actually be about something.

I promise.   


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