I’m kindof a bad person, I think…

November 11, 2010

I called a cancer patient a solipsist today.

But in my defense, she was being toooootally solipsistic.

Like, really.  It was an apt description.

And:  If you wanna be accurate here… I didn’t really call her a solipsist.  I just said that the point she was making was solipsistic.  But did she appreciate that nuance?  Nooooo.  She got offended, and accused me of demeaning her.

But:  Anyone who claims that we should get rid of all airport security, thus endangering every single person who ever flies again, because her cancer taught her that, “When your number’s up, it’s up,” is acting pretty friggin solipsistic.  Or, as I put it to her:  “That’s like saying, ‘I’m not really all that hungry, so I don’t see why you should eat.'”

So:  What have we learned?

Answer:  That lady’s nuts, and I might be a dickhead.

Update:  I just discovered that the woman I called a solipsist had a PhD in rhetoric.  Her arguments were fucking terrible.  This makes me angry.  I feel like anytime someone completely outargues someone with a PhD in rhetoric, they should get to take their PhD away.  Like duels in Ye Olde Worlde – the guy who wins the swordfight gets to take the loser’s sword.

Seriously… the lady made like three shoddy comparisons to the Holocaust.

Yeah… because that’s some doctoral rhetoric right there.



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