Pins and Needles

November 16, 2010

Both of my legs fell asleep tonight while I worked at my desk grading papers.  A deep sleep – each leg numb up to the cheek.

Suddenly I had to pee.

There’s no way I could walk to the bathroom.  I tried walking on a numb leg like this once in college – I wound up collapsing in a heap. So instead of walking, I scooted my desk chair down the hallway, as if rowing a little rickety canoe down a creek.  Once I reached the bathroom, I tried to pop the wheel over the threshold, but I lost my balance and fell on the floor.  Both my my legs exploded into a trillion sparkly little pins and needles of leggy pokey death.  I screamed and moaned and oooooh fuuuuuuuck meeeeee’d and dragged myself across the bathroom floor towards the toilet.  Once there, I unbuckled my pants – still screaming – climbed atop and peed sitting down.

My cat watched me the whole time, his face a mixture of confusion and disgust.

I’m almost 30 years old.


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